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The True Lion King?

" I can't help you much, but there are about five million (okay, maybe not that many. would you believe ten?) usenet posters on the newsgroup that have discussed to death the fact that Tezuka (the japanese animator in charge of this show) was ripped-off big time.
Evidently "The Lion King" resembles many aspects of "The White Lion" series in ways that are beyond coincidental, though Disney vehemently denies this. All I remember is that it was on in the late sixties or early seventies, and that it is on video now"

And further...

"You can basically watch the Lion King if you want more info on Kimba. Even the name, Simba, is a ripoff. I know Kimba had the baboon friend and a parrot friend too (sound familiar?). His parents were killed somehow, but I don't recall the details (perhaps a jealous uncle or something and a stampede of gnu's? :-)"

The Players

"I remember Kimba as far back as 1968! Kimba's father was called Caesar who wanted all animals to become civilized and not to prey on each other. But, hunters lured and killed Caesar by using his mate, Snoweene. Snoweene did not fair any better. After giving birth to Kimba, she drowned in her cage when their steamship went down in a storm. Kimba ended up paddling all the way back to Africa. To mind, kimba's pals were Dan'l baboon, Bucky dear, and Dotie doe. His adversaries were Claw the lion, Cassius the panther, and two hyenas, Tom and Tab."


Kitty(lioness:Kimba's girlfriend)
Claw(Lion with black mane:Kimba's enemy) Casius(sp?) sounds like cashus(enemy)
Ceaser(Kimba's father)
A human ranger: can't remember his name Doty(female deer)"

There's still more...

"Kimba the White Lion, a Mushi Studiios Production, is set 4,000 years ago in Africa. Kimba was voiced by Billie Lou West and his friends included Dan'l Baboon, Samson, Pauley Cracker and King Speckle Rex."

Coming out of the Closet

Chris... just make sure you grab a box of Kleenex so you don't accidentally grab your son's shirt instead...

"MY GOD THIS INTERNET THING IS INCREDABLE!!! For 10 years now I've wondered what happened to this show!! I truly believe that when/if I ever get a chance to behold this show again (forcing my 3 year old son to sit with me), I will cry like a "girly man" when I see his mother in the stars urging him to swim on... Man, I'm getting goosebumps now!!"

Sing-A-Long With Kimba

"Part of the Kimba Theme:

Kimba Kimba Kimba Kimba (refrain)
Who's the king of deepest darkest Africa (Africa)?
Who's the one who brought the jungle fame?
Who believes in doing good and doing right?
Kimba the White Lion is his name!"

Episodic Flashbacks

"The episode names and descriptions are from a flyer I got from a vendor at a local, monthly convention. I have no idea if these are actual episode names. The episodes also don't appear to be in chronologic order."

Here it is:

Go White Lion - The death of Caesar (Kimba's Father); death of Snowene (Kimba's Mother).
The Wind In The Desert - Kimba returns to the jungle; meets Dan'l and other friends; learns to fight when necessary.
Great Caesar's Ghost - Kimba is a young insecure leader; Samson Buffalo challengers authority.
A Human Friend - Roger Ranger comes to the jungle to teach the animals to talk.
Diamonds In The Gruff - Diamonds and alligators; Roger helps Kimba to save the youngsters.
The Runaway - Gargoyle G. Warthog; the animal of the year award.
A Friend In Deed - Kelly Funt gives trouble; Kimba tells how he first met Roger Ranger.
Monster Of The Mountain - Mama and Teddy Bear; Kimba is called upon for aid outside his kingdom.
Day The Sun Went Out - Leona and the ancestral white lion hides.
The Cobweb Caper - A giant spider invades the jungle.
The Pretenders - Finishing the amusement park.
The Magic Serpent - Rancid Reekybird; Puffy Adder and the evil eye.
Restaurant Trouble - Starting the restaurant; still conservative opposition to Kimba's new ideas.
Journey Into Time - King Sprecklerex and the lion convention; Kimba and Kitty are good friends; history of the white lions.
Catch 'Em If You Can - Tonga's hunting contest against Kimba.
The Red Menace - The forest fire; Peewee Elephant; Kelly Funt finally becomes a friend.
Fair Game - Speedy Cheetah's grandpa Quasimoto; flashback showing Kimba with Roger Ranger and Mr. Pompus in Paris.
The Wild Wildcat - The introduction of Wiley Wildcat.
City Of Gold - Goldopolis; Grandaddy Turtle; the last appearance of Tom and Tab.
Gypsy's Purple Potion - Gypsy Owl; the Tower of Honor; Claw's last appearance.
Legend of Hippo Valley - Another ruse of Boss Claw; Boss Hippo.
The Sun Tree - Uncle Scratch Baboon and Muffy.
Monster Of Petrified Valley - Colosso, the Brodo bird.
Scrambled Eggs - Spring cleaning; Kimba directs the animal youngsters as their superior.

Excellent list, Edward... Keep them coming, because apparently there were 52 episodes(?) according to another dedicated fan, read on.

My Two Cents...

"Kimba was a stupid cartoon, imho. But I guess I was stupid enough to watch it. In realistic terms, Kimba would have been a nice meal for many jungle animals - a WHITE albino lion doesn't stand a very good chance of surviving in the jungle! It is extremely amazing that such a small animal could save his jungle brethren on multiple occasions."

That's not the only opinion though, and definitely not with the concensus...

"For what it's worth, I believe Kimba still plays on Australian television... There was also a 13-disc set on laserdisc from Japan called "Jungle Emperor." I've been trying to track down a copy but have not been successful. It contain all 52 episodes (in Japanese)...As the legend goes, was one set of English copies of Kimba, but they were destroyed in a tv studio fire."

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