Feb 25, 2022

2009 Kimba special now showing in Italy

Since February 25 it is available only on CHILI online video service

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Just like it was previously announced, Sanver Production has completed the Italian dub of the 2009 special that is now titled "Kimba, i coraggiosi cambiano il futuro" ("Kimba, the brave change the future").

Since February 25 "Kimba, i coraggiosi cambiano il futuro" is available as a preview only on CHILI, italian online video service that is available throughout Italy as well as in the UK, Germany, Austria and Poland. More info on CHILI can be found on the official website and on the official Facebook page.

Also, be sure to watch the trailer for "Kimba, i coraggiosi cambiano il futuro" available on the Facebook page of Sanver Production, as well as the video of the brand new song written for the movie by Santo Verduci and perfomed by Santo Verduci with Il Coro delle Stelle ("The Choir of the Stars").

Production credits:

Dubbing director: Santo Verduci
Translation and dialogue adaptation: Santo Verduci
Dubbed and mixed at: Urban Cave Studio
Sound engineer: Alessandro Omodei
Video editor: Lidia Ottino
Voice actors:
Santo Verduci - Kimba
Marta De Lorenzis - Kevin O’Donell (Kenichi Oyama)
Simona Biasetti - Eliza
Davide Fazio - Panja
Irene Giuliano - Coco
Walter Rivetti - Toto
Osmar Miguel Santucho - Ken O’Donell (Kenzo Oyama)
Anna Charlotte Barbera - Dr. Holloway
Alberto Bonavia - Goda
Guido Rutta - Dolf
Additional voices:
Laura Valastro
Pietro Ubaldi
Giorgio Perno
Giorgio Longoni
Michele Celoni
Stefano Pariani
Matteo Luison
Maura Marenghi
Andrea Salierno
Alessandro Pili
Mariangela Salmi
Patrizia Giangrand
Alessandra Eleonori
Matteo Ferrando
Marco Soldà
Erica Laiolo
Matteo Sotgiu