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Apr 24, 2022

Collaboration between "niko and ..." and Tezuka Productions

Many new products were developed by "niko and ...", a brand made by Japanese company Adastria Co. Ltd. .

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Posted by: kimba

Several beautiful new items are made as a result of collaboration between Tezuka Production and niko and ... (a brand from the Japanese company Adastria, Co. Ltd.) such as tote bags, plushies, keychains, umbrellas, glasses, bowls, plates, battery packs and more. And more new items are planned as well, as it can be seen in the intro page of the official .st webshop.

Although the official webshop of "niko and ..." on .st is in Japanese, it has an integrated International shipping function provided by World Shopping, a proxy shipping service which completes the ordering process in English. If you want to get the idea how all these items are called, first click here for the English machine-translated version of the webshop. If you want to order from .st, simply add all desired items to the WorldShopping's cart (not to the webshop's cart), and confirm the order via World Shopping, after which you will be presented with the total costs of your order.

In addition to the official webshop on .st, similar webshop is available on Zozotown (which is also in Japanese, but it has an integrated International shipping option provided by Buyee.jp).