4 episodes from the 1966 "Leo" series were put together and were shown as a movie in theaters in Italy under the title "Leo il re della giungla". The movie's duration was 91 minutes, and it consisted of the following episodes: "The Blue Lion", "The Map of Danger", "The Mighty Gorilla" and "The White Cliff".


The 1966 "Leo" TV series were aired as "Le roi Léo" in France on ORTF. The broadcasting started on December 20, 1972. This anime was aired in Canada in the 1970s as well.

Note: Many thanks to Lucie Gignac from Canada for the full lyrics of this theme!


The first "Jungle Emperor Leo" movie was aired in Italy on "Telemontecarlo" on October 11, 1975 at 8:45 PM.


39 episodes of the 1965 "Kimba the white lion" TV series were aired under the title "Kimba der weisse Löwe" in Germany (on ZDF) and in Austria (on ORF 1). On ZDF it was aired every Tuesday, from January 4 to October 4.

7 LPs and 7 MCs containing slightly shortened versions of 29 episodes from the above TV series were released in Germany by Poly (a division of Polydor/PolyGram). 

"Janguru Taitei" manga was republished in 3 volumes in Japan by Kodansha. All 3 volumes were released between June and August 1977.

"Kimba the white lion" anime was aired in Italy under the title "Kimba il leone bianco" for the first time in September 1977 (in Rome on "TV Voxson"; in Lazio on "GBR" on September 5), and these italian-dubbed episodes that actually came from the U.S. (from NBC Films) were aired on several TV stations to date (excluding the "new" italian Kimba series from 1999). During these years there were two opening themes - in the beginning the show used the U.S. (NBC) opening theme, which was replaced with the italian opening theme in 1982. The show had two dubbings - the first one (in which Kimba had a female voice) ran from 1977 to 1990, and the second one that featured Kimba with a male voice was introduced in 1983 and it was aired even recently (in 2001). In the 80s both of these two dubbings were used. (Many thanks to Francesco Piccardo for these infos!)


"Kimba il leone bianco" TV series were aired in Italy on "Antenna Nord". The broadcasting started in Spring 1978.


From January 25 to April 14 "Kimba il leone bianco" TV series were aired in Italy on "Quinta Rete" (future "Italia 1") during the "Ora dei ragazzi"("The boys' hour") TV programme. (Many thanks to Francesco Piccardo for the initial correction!)