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MaxV's Limited Info on the "Kimba/Simba Controversy"

Now, I realize that it has been some time since this controversy was started and it's water under the bridge now. Disney has already released "The Lion King" on home video and it is generally regarded as a pretty good movie. However, there is a saying that in time, all is forgotten... With that in mind, I would like to keep this information accessable for as long I possibly can. Besides, it is possible that not everyone in the world has heard this story. "The Lion King" started its run of confusion even before it was produced when Matthew Broderick was cast as the voice-actor for "Simba". He had first thought that the role was for "Kimba", the white lion from an animated TV show he had seen when he was a kid. After that interview, Major "Anime" and "Manga" figures in the United States were being called and interviewed about the similarities between "The Lion King" and "Janguru Taitei" (Jungle Emperor in the United Staes). The main concern by the media was if Disney had inspiration for "The Lion King" from Osamu Tezuka's 1965 animation "Janguru Taitei". To date, Disney has not claimed any "direct" influence from the "Jungle Emperor" TV show, theatrical film or comic series. Privately, there are a few claims that the similarities were pointed out and a few key Disney people had a little more than a passing knowledge of "Jungle Emperor", but there were no reference materials available. Therefore, Any influence by "Jungle Emperor" has been acknoledged as subliminal at best. In this matter, Disney has been regarded, worldwide mind you, by a number of people as being generally "rude" (for lack of a word that would have to be cencored) since all they had to do was say "inspired by" or stick a credit somewhere in the film. Disney has also been regarded as hypocrites in this matter because in the past, people who had creations that were inspired by Disney were dealt with rather severely. So now you're probably wondering what the big deal is. Well, take a look at the table below and you decide...

The Lion King Vs. The Jungle Emperor

The Lion King

The Jungle Emperor

Animated Theatric Film (1994)52 episode TV series, Theatrical Film, and original comic (1965-67)
Main Character is a young lion named SimbaMain Character is a young lion named Kimba
Story about a young lion whose father is killed by trecharyStory about a young lion whose father is killed by trechary
Father is killed by his brotherFather is killed by a hunter
Evil physically impared relative with a scar over one eye: Uncle Scar
Evil physically impared relative missing one eye: Uncle Claw
Spiritual Leader is a Mandrill named RafikiSpiritual leader is a baboon (Mandrillus Sphinx) named Mandy
Sidekicks include a talkative parrot named ZazooSidekicks include a talkative parrot named Coco
Evil uncles allies are HyenasEvil uncles allies are Hyenas
Dead father appears as a ghost in clouds above a hillDead father appears as a ghost in clouds above a hill